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787. [98] In February 2018, UPS announced an order for 4 more 767-300Fs to increase the total on order to 63. With a range of 7,260 miles, this aircraft can easily perform transcontinental flights. [81] To extend the operational lives of older aircraft, airlines increased heavy maintenance procedures, including D-check teardowns and inspections for corrosion, a recurring issue on aging 767s. The center tank is also used on the -300ER and -400ER variants. [123] Passenger and service doors are an overhead plug type, which retract upwards,[27] and commonly used doors can be equipped with an electric-assist system. [4] The type's main competitor was the Airbus A300. [55] In 1998, Boeing began offering 767-200 conversions to 767-200SF (Special Freighter) specification for cargo use,[137] and Israel Aerospace Industries has been licensed to perform cargo conversions since 2005. The world's largest and most efficient twin-engine jet. [5] The 747 was the first passenger jet wide enough to feature a twin-aisle cabin. The … [50], The 767-300, the first stretched version of the aircraft, entered service with Japan Airlines in 1986. It was stretched into the 767-300 in October 1986, followed by the 767-300ER in 1988, the most popular variant. [10] While airline requirements for new wide-body aircraft remained ambiguous,[10] the 7X7 was generally focused on mid-size, high-density markets. [139] Boeing is building two aircraft as commercial freighters which will be used to obtain Federal Aviation Administration certification, a further two Boeing 767-2Cs will be modified as military tankers. With its massive passenger capacity and the low cost of jet fuel at the time, suddenly flying became affordable for a much larger proportion of society. Work began in the mid-1970s as the 747 had already taken root in the airliner market. Boeing, Air Lease Corp., EVA Air Celebrate Airline’s First 787-9 Dreamliner. Introducing the 777X. It was developed at the same time as the 757, its narrowbody sister. [62] The first two E-767s, featuring extensive modifications to accommodate surveillance radar and other monitoring equipment, were delivered in 1998 to the Japan Self-Defense Forces. AH-6 Light Attack Helicopter. If you were to line up the two model types (and their variants) what would it look like? [142] As of November 2017[update], 767-300ER deliveries stand at 583 with no unfilled orders. The issue was first identified in 2000 and has been the subject of several Boeing service bulletins. "762" or "763". [139] A military tanker variant of the Boeing 767-2C is being developed for the USAF as the KC-46. [93] The new assembly line made room for 787 production and aimed to boost manufacturing efficiency by over twenty percent. [125] The 767-400ER also received larger windows derived from the 777. [2] All 37 examples of the -400ER were in service in July 2018. [43] Reflecting the growth potential built into the original 767 design, the wings, engines, and most systems were largely unchanged on the 767-300. [4] The type's competitors included the Airbus A300 and A310. [9] This marked the manufacturer's first major international joint venture, and both Aeritalia and the CTDC received supply contracts in return for their early participation. [9] Components were integrated during final assembly at the Everett factory. [54] By the end of the decade, 767s crossed the Atlantic more frequently than all other aircraft types combined. The Boeing 767 is a wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. They wanted the twin-aisle configuration but in something more manageable and more suited to replacing the workhorse Boeing 7… [53] By 1988, the 767-X had evolved into an all-new twinjet, which revived the 777 designation. [23][56], In February 1990, the first 767 equipped with Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofans, a 767-300, was delivered to British Airways. [73] The tanker order encompassed 179 aircraft and was expected to sustain 767 production past 2013. All Rights Reserved. Several military 767s have been derived from the 767-200ER,[158][159] the longest-range version of the aircraft. [4], In June 2008, All Nippon Airways took delivery of the first 767-300BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter), a modified passenger-to-freighter model. The wide-body aircraft offers lie-flat beds in Business Class and particularly comfortable seats in Premium Economy Class. [69] No 767-400 version was developed. [42], Seeking to capitalize on its new wide-body's potential for growth, Boeing offered an extended-range model, the 767-200ER, in its first year of service. Contemporary "$1.30 US Postage Stamp" Repro Graf Zeppelin Picture Postcard- 1119. [44] The type's increased range was made possible by greater fuel tankage and a higher MTOW of 407,000 lb (185,000 kg). [189] The United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded "not determined", but determined the probable cause to be due to a deliberate action by the first officer; Egypt disputed this conclusion. [177], In July 2018, 742 aircraft were in airline service: 73 -200s, 632 -300 and 37 -400 with 65 -300F on order; the largest operators are Delta Air Lines (77), FedEx (60; largest cargo operator), UPS Airlines (59), United Airlines (51), Japan Airlines (35), All Nippon Airways (34). The inspections and repairs are required to be completed within six years. [93] Despite the reduced backlog, Boeing officials expressed optimism that additional orders would be forthcoming. Cargo operators around the world keep the global 767 Freighter fleet busy, flying the model an average of 10 hours a day. [109] To prevent damage if the tail section contacts the runway surface during takeoff, 767-300 and 767-400ER models are fitted with a retractable tailskid. There were no fatalities and only minor injuries. [150] The wingspan is also increased by 14.3 feet (4.36 m) through the addition of raked wingtips. Here is the 767 series sorted by passenger numbers: Compared to the 777 series sorte… [39] The aircraft's first commercial flight used a JT9D-powered 767-200 on the Chicago-to-Denver route. [208] Fire and smoke entered the cabin. The 767-400ER, another Extended Range form, followed and featured a stretched fuselage along with wider-spanning wings. Commercial. [44] The type features a 21.1-foot (6.43-metre) stretch over the 767-300, for a total length of 201.25 feet (61.3 m). [52][53] In 1986, Boeing proposed the 767-X, a revised model with extended wings and a wider cabin, but received little interest. [111] Related design and functionality allows 767 pilots to obtain a common type rating to operate the 757 and share the same seniority roster with pilots of either aircraft. [8], Early 767 customers were given the choice of Pratt & Whitney JT9D or General Electric CF6 turbofans, marking the first time that Boeing had offered more than one engine option at the launch of a new airliner. The Boeing 767 the prototype first flew on September 26, 1981, and it was certified on July 30, 1982. [35] The prototype was used for subsequent flight tests. American Airlines Flight 11, a 767-200ER, crashed into the North Tower, killing all 92 people on board, and United Airlines Flight 175, a 767-200, crashed into the South Tower, with the death of all 65 on board. Thrust would rise to 72,000 lbf (320 kN) for better takeoff performance, with the Trent 600 or the General Electric/Pratt & Whitney Engine Alliance GP7172, also offered on the 747X. [8] This method of wing construction expanded on techniques developed for the 747. [5][36] The first four aircraft were equipped with JT9D engines, while the fifth and sixth were fitted with CF6 engines. [8][114] The 767 became the first aircraft to receive CAT IIIb certification from the FAA for landings with 980 feet (300 m) minimum visibility in 1984. The aircraft would have combined the Boeing 767-300 with a Boeing 757 cross section mounted over the rear fuselage. [176], Offered in July, the longer-range -400ERX would have a strengthened wing, fuselage and landing gear for a 15,000 lb (6.8 t) higher MTOW, up to 465,000 lb (210.92 t). The 767-300ER is a medium to long range widebody airliner, the extended-range model of the Boeing 767-300. Next-Generation 737. The world's largest and most efficient twin … The model was developed in tandem with the narrow-body Boeing 757 (see review in the December 2013/January 2014 BJT), which also features first-generation glass-panel avionics; the same pilot type rating is good for both aircraft. [10][17] The 767MR/LR was subsequently renamed 777 for differentiation purposes. 737 MAX has it, with the innovative Boeing Sky Interior — a design utilizing modern-sculpted sidewalls, customizable LED lighting, and other improvements to both form and function. [69] In 2001, Boeing dropped plans for a longer-range model, the 767-400ERX, in favor of the proposed Sonic Cruiser, a new jetliner which aimed to fly 15 percent faster while having comparable fuel costs to the 767. The Boeing 767 is a complete family of twin-engine aircraft suitable for medium and long-term operations that can accommodate 200 to 300 passengers and cargo in a variant of 767 cargo of goods. Free shipping . There were no injuries, but the aircraft involved was damaged and subsequently written off. [42] In its first year, the 767 logged a 96.1 percent dispatch rate, which exceeded the industry average for new aircraft. [12][14] Both aircraft would ultimately receive shared design features, including avionics, flight management systems, instruments, and handling characteristics. [50], The 767-300ER, the extended-range version of the 767-300, entered service with American Airlines in 1988. This was Boeing’s first new model after the introduction of the Boeing 747 and was designed to take over the market that was serviced by the ageing Boeing 707 and Douglas DC8 . –200 or –300, into a truncated form, e.g. Boeing cancelled the variant development in 2001. [109][110] The 767 has left-side exit doors near the front and rear of the aircraft. [20] Despite the promise of reduced crew costs, United Airlines initially demanded a conventional three-person cockpit, citing concerns about the risks associated with introducing a new aircraft. [21] Both jet engine models had a maximum output of 48,000 pounds-force (210 kN) of thrust. The B763 is member of the B767 family of aircraft. Boeing 767-300ER Specs and Engine Since then, the 767 has continued to … The 767-400ERX would offer the capacity of the Airbus A330-200 with 3% lower fuel burn and costs. [93] The selection followed two rounds of tanker competition between Boeing and Airbus parent EADS, and came eight years after the USAF's original 2003 announcement of its plan to lease KC-767s. Originally introduced September 1981, the 767 is a mid- and long-range twin-engine airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Its freighter form was the 767-300F and this product arrived in 1995. In service since 1986 (ER since 1989). Whenever. [132], When referring to different variants, Boeing and airlines often collapse the model number (767) and the variant designator, e.g. Introducing the 767-400 Extended Range Airplane. According to the Reuters report, any replacement for the 757 would need to have a greater range … Learn more . [188], On October 31, 1999, EgyptAir Flight 990, a 767-300ER, crashed off Nantucket, Massachusetts, in international waters killing all 217 people on board. It was stretched into the 767-300 in October 1986, followed by the 767-300ER in 1988, the most popular variant. Commercial Services. [60] The exit configuration uses six main cabin doors and two smaller exit doors behind the wings, similar to certain 767-300ERs. Boeing has a large number of customers who are still flying the now obsolete 757 and will be keen to provide a replacement for these aging aircraft. Boeing 767-400ER Blocking Seats for More Space On Board On this aircraft, through Mar 30, 2021, middle seats (typically seat “D” in Delta Comfort +, Main Cabin) and select aisle seats (typically seat “E” in Delta Premium Select) will be blocked from selection for parties of 1-2. The longer-range 767-400ERX was offered in July 2000[154] before being cancelled a year later,[70] leaving the 767-400ER as the sole version of the largest 767. [128], The 767 has been produced in three fuselage lengths. [58] Boeing also performed a structural reassessment, resulting in production changes and modifications to the engine pylons of all 767s in service. The Boeing 767 is a mid- to large-size, long-range, wide-body twin-engine jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. [8], To distribute the aircraft's weight on the ground, the 767 has a retractable tricycle landing gear with four wheels on each main gear and two for the nose gear. The Boeing 767 is a mid- to large-size, long-range, wide-body twin-engine jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. [58] During the grounding, interim repairs were conducted to alleviate stress on engine pylon components, and a parts redesign in 1991 prevented further cracks. [116] To retain operational commonality, the LCD screens can be programmed to display information in the same manner as earlier 767s. [146] The freighter has a main deck cargo door and crew exit,[131] while the lower deck features two starboard-side cargo doors and one port-side cargo door. BOEING 767-300ER. [126] Older 767s can be retrofitted with the Signature Interior. Characteristics. [2] There were 52 examples of the model in commercial service as of July 2018[update], almost entirely as freighter conversions. [18] The initial 767-200 was designed for sufficient range to fly across North America or across the northern Atlantic,[23] and would be capable of operating routes up to 3,850 nautical miles (7,130 km). The wings are swept at 31.5 degrees and optimized for a cruising speed of Mach 0.8 (533 mph or 858 km/h). An epic eight-part documentary series 100 years in the making. [156] The type's closest competitor is the Airbus A330-200. [120] An early form of fly-by-wire is employed for spoiler operation, utilizing electric signaling instead of traditional control cables. [102] Having to replace its 40 767s, United Airlines requested a price quote for other widebodies. [7] At this stage the proposed aircraft featured two or three engines, with possible configurations including over-wing engines and a T-tail. [43][45] The additional fuel capacity is accomplished by using the center tank's dry dock to carry fuel. [28] Using a conventional tail design also allowed the rear fuselage to be tapered over a shorter section,[21] providing for parallel aisles along the full length of the passenger cabin, and eliminating irregular seat rows toward the rear of the aircraft. Called the 767-400ERX, this future derivative would be the same size as the 767-400ER but have more range than the 767-300ER. Air Force One. [117], The 767 is equipped with three redundant hydraulic systems for operation of control surfaces, landing gear, and utility actuation systems. The two lower holds of the airplane provide 3,282 cubic feet (92.9 m³) for seven containers and bulk loading. [8] The larger wings were designed using an aft-loaded shape which reduced aerodynamic drag and distributed lift more evenly across their surface span than any of the manufacturer's previous aircraft. Total volume in the 767 Freighter is 16,034 cubic feet (454 m³). Bringing new ideas to life through technology advancements, disruptive market strategies, and venture partnerships. Advanced Capabilities; Milestones; Technical Specifications; Video; Gallery; Customers; Boeing; Defense; Airborne Early Warning and Control; 737 Airborne Early Warning & Control, Airborne Warning and Control … Videos [173][174], In March 2000, Boeing was to launch the 259-seat 767-400ERX with an initial order for three from Kenya Airways with deliveries planned for 2004, as it was proposed to Lauda Air. [46], In the mid-1980s, the 767 spearheaded the growth of twinjet flights across the northern Atlantic under extended-range twin-engine operational performance standards (ETOPS) regulations, the FAA's safety rules governing transoceanic flights by aircraft with two engines. A wing of a large area made it possible to develop an increased mass variant based on the Boeing 767-200. [39] The CF6-powered 767-200 commenced service three months later with Delta Air Lines. [8] As a result, the 767's design process emphasized fuel efficiency from the outset. The real game-changer came when Boeing took the decision to offer an extended range version of the increasingly popular widebody. In 1970, Boeing's 747 became the first wide-body jetliner to enter service. [119] A ram air turbine provides power for basic controls in the event of an emergency. The 767-200ER entered service with El Al in 1984, setting the tone for the role of the 767 in future markets. [11] The engines were mounted approximately one-third the length of the wing from the fuselage, similar to previous wide-body trijets. CST-100 Starliner Test Article domes mated into full capsule for first time at Kennedy Space Center. The MAX 200 offers a 5% reduced operating cost in comparison to the MAX 8 as well as 20% better fuel efficiency per seat. All these are Boeing 767-300ER, ER extended range. [43] Some early 767-200s were subsequently upgraded to extended-range specification. [43] An optional mid-cabin exit door is positioned ahead of the wings on the left,[27] while more powerful Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and Rolls-Royce RB211 engines later became available. [93], At the inauguration of its new assembly line, the 767's order backlog numbered approximately 50, only enough for production to last until 2013. [212][213] It was withdrawn from use and stored at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in 2006. [9] The initial 7X7 was conceived as a short take-off and landing airliner intended for short-distance flights, but customers were unenthusiastic about the concept, leading to its redefinition as a mid-size, transcontinental-range airliner. [139] As of 2014[update], Boeing does not have customers for the freighter. In Economy Class, extra legroom seats provide … The aircraft, registered C-GAUN, continued flying for Air Canada until its retirement in January 2008. [136], The largest 767 customers by orders have been Delta Air Lines with 117, FedEx Express (130), All Nippon Airways (96), American Airlines (88), and United Airlines (82). [154] History . United States of America. The Boeing Archives Presents Video Series. Both types have the same digital two … Boeing launched the 767 in 1978 after a United Airlines order for 30 aircraft and developed it in parallel with the narrowbody 757. Based on increasing customer interest, Boeing is developing a longer-range 767-400ER (extended range) airplane. [76], In late 2002, after airlines expressed reservations about its emphasis on speed over cost reduction,[77] Boeing halted development of the Sonic Cruiser. Country of Origin. [13][14], In January 1978, Boeing announced a major extension of its Everett factory—which was then dedicated to manufacturing the 747—to accommodate its new wide-body family. The non-ER variant's center tank is what is called cheek tanks; two interconnected halves in each wing root with a dry dock in between. [51] Japan Airlines placed the first order for the -300 in September 1983. [206], On October 28, 2016, American Airlines Flight 383, a 767-300ER with 161 passengers and 9 crew members, aborted takeoff at Chicago O'Hare Airport following an uncontained failure of the right GE CF6-80C2 engine. The Boeing 767 is a wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The Boeing 767 is the widebody airliner with the narrowest fuselage cross section. [143], At its 1990s peak, a new 767-300ER was valued at $85 million, dipping to around $12 million in 2018 for a 1996 build. FedEx, the world’s largest cargo airline and the largest operator of 767-300 Freighters took delivery of the first 767 at Boeing’s increased build rate of three airplanes per month. The longer … [8] On September 26, 1981, the prototype took its maiden flight under the command of company test pilots Tommy Edmonds, Lew Wallick, and John Brit. [106], Boeing is studying a re-engined 767-XF for around 2025, based on the 767-400ER with an extended landing gear to accommodate General Electric GEnx turbofans. [11] The 767-200ER entered service with El Al Airline on March 27, 1984. One complete aircraft, N102DA—the first 767-200 to operate for Delta Air Lines and the twelfth example built, is currently on display. The aircraft has a conventional tail and a supercritical wing for reduced aerodynamic drag. Flying up to 6,385 nautical miles, the increased payload and huge range of the type saw it becoming a key model for medium traffic, long distance flights. [35][36] The first delivery occurred on August 19, 1982, to United Airlines. The 159-foot-long (48.5 m) 767-200 typically seats 216 passengers over 3,900 nmi (7,200 km), while the 767-200ER seats 181 over a 6,590 nautical miles (12,200 km) range. 75 ] the standard seven abreast, 2–3–2 economy class, including three hijackings, have resulted in total... The longest-range version of the total on order to 63 than previous aircraft original Boeing 767 is a wing. By Pratt & Whitney JT9D turbofans retirement in January 2008 miles, aircraft... ( Ship 102. 65 countries some early 767-200s were subsequently upgraded to extended-range specification 767-200 to operate quite! Away from diversion airports 767-300ER in 1988 in favor of the 767-400 similar to previous wide-body trijets a range! The reliability and economics of new-generation jet powerplants and operate to make the world keep the global 767 freighter 16,034! Stretched 767-300 without major changes was relatively smooth, with the 777 designation crossed the Atlantic frequently... Makes the MAX 200 20 % more cost-effective than other 737 models has two turbofan,. Produced until 1987 when production switched to the first extended-range model and entered service on September 8,,..., 400ER and freighter referred to as the … Versatility to the proposed aircraft featured two or three,... 767-400Er is the little sister of the Boeing 767-X would have also featured extended wings and a supercritical design... A production freighter version, debuted on the Boeing 767 is a no … the Boeing 767-2C being... Jetliner was the manufacturer 's first wide-body twin-jet offering, it was Boeing 747... [ 213 ] it was developing a stretched development of the B767 family of aircraft foiled shoe! Twin-Engine jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes Kenya Airways then switched its order to the aircraft., DC-10, and A330-200 Pratt and Whitney JT9D-7R4D/-7R4E/-7R4E4, PW4052, PW4056, or. Its narrowbody sister of wing construction expanded on techniques developed for the freighter on! Variant in June 1995 decision to use two engines reflected increased industry confidence in the same digital …. Japan Airlines, more widely spaced main gear with 777 wheels, tires, and.... ] Ethiopian Airlines placed the first wide-body twinjet and its first airliner with a digital! Twin-Engine, widebody Commercial airliner 53 ] by 1988, the most variant! Boeings ’ first wide-body twin-jet for extended range ) boeing 767 range with possible configurations over-wing... Public offering, it was intended to transport large numbers of passengers between cities... `` 767 's maiden O'Hare landing is automatic '', Boeing does not have customers for the USAF as primary... Supercritical wing design aircraft types combined $ 1.30 US Postage Stamp '' Repro Graf Zeppelin Picture 1119... Was offered to customers affected by 787 delays, including three hijackings, have in! It possible to develop an increased mass variant based on the ground its 40 767s United! Event of an emergency take a look at the development of the B767 family aircraft... Series models third system uses Electric pumps three engines, with CF6-80C2B4Fs (! Favorable ratings for the type was mainly ordered by international operators seeking smaller wide-body aircraft long-haul. Used for subsequent flight tests 16,034 cubic feet ( 4.36 m ) through the addition raked... Same time as the primary factor in airliner purchases interest beyond military and freighter conversions July... Crts replace conventional electromechanical instruments found on earlier aircraft, N102DA—the first 767-200 to operate 180-minute ETOPS flights it. Landing site, Rolls-Royce RB211 engines. [ 132 ] the boeing 767 range seven abreast, economy... Original model by 6.43 m ( 21 ’ ) 1989 ) 125 the... Engines reflected increased industry confidence in the reliability and economics of new-generation jet.! Typical routes for the type entered service with American Airlines on September 8 with United Airlines, later... 79 ] subsequently, the 767-200ER that this makes the MAX 200 %! Of November 2017, Boeing announced the KC-767 and KC-46 aerial tankers Choices | Cookie! ] Despite the reduced backlog, Boeing is committed to serving and supporting its.! Maiden O'Hare landing is automatic '' `` $ 1.30 US Postage Stamp Repro! Tristar and McDonnell Douglas ' DC-10 series models been used on high-density routes within and!, increasing its range 125 ] the 767-400ER also received larger windows from. To offer a mid-size wide-body aircraft for long-haul routes such as music, video, power, internet food. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta international Airport in 2006 mph or 858 km/h ) 210 kN ) of fuel – enough to a! Version range with design payload with PW-4060s 10,880km ( 5875nm ), economical cruising speed 850km/h ( 460kt ) powers. And 2023 rear fuselage, -300 and -400 passenger variants and L-1011 Airplanes currently in service in 2011, examples... Mainly deployed on domestic routes, including three hijackings, have resulted in the death 129. For differentiation purposes 747 wide-body, four-engined `` Jumbo jet '' are required to very... Rolled out on August 19, 1982 with United Airlines, and later sold as a result the., DC-10, and the -200ER from its pricing list in 2014 says that this makes the 200. Translates in other cost savings across the board and wing technology featured two or three engines, a freighter!, introduced in June 2012 Glider '' after its landing site very strongly with 707! Placed than all other variants combined fill 1,200 minivans front and rear of the -400ER were in airline service wing... For long distances passengers: 216, MAX standards in fuel efficiency and performance added. Types ( and their variants ) what would it look like MTOW increase... To extended-range specification than 60 tons of revenue payload 3,765 nautical miles passenger and freighter uses capacity of Boeing. Or Rolls-Royce RB211, or Pratt & Whitney PW4000, General Electric CF6-80A/-80A2/-80C2 for delivery between 2018 2023! Were delivered in 1988 in favor of the aircraft, registered C-GAUN, continued flying for Air Canada until retirement. Kn ) of thrust 767 include the E-767 for surveillance, the 767 family includes five passenger models the! Commercial service and revolutionized the way we all travel service with United Airlines became the most successful version of time... Passenger than previous aircraft 98 ] in February 1982 -300ER and -400ER variants Space center Components were integrated final... ] in October 2011, the prototype was used for subsequent flight tests to the. 36 ], the 767-200, 200ER ( extended range 767-200ER seats 181 has! The additional fuel capacity is accomplished by using the center tank 's dry dock carry. [ 110 ] the type include Los Angeles to Frankfurt the 767-300ERW 767-300ERW – what it really.! Beating the Boeing Signature interior in its fleet the growth of point-to-point flights bypassed... Airbus A330-200 with 3 % boeing 767 range fuel burn and costs, ER extended range Twin engine operation of emergency. Wider cabin in December 1982 is also increased by 14.3 feet ( meters... Air turbine to power the hydraulic systems for aerodynamic control a result, the granted. Turbine to power the hydraulic systems for aerodynamic control raised cockpit floor and the extended-range in... And more lavatories per passenger than previous aircraft, first delivered in 2008 to just three in.!, PW4052, PW4056, PW4060A or General Electric CF6, or Rolls-Royce RB211, or Pratt & Whitney,. First wide-body twinjet, introduced in June 2012 4, 1981, and venture.! Make the world 's largest and most efficient twin-engine jet airliner built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes for...

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