2–3 zone defense

When this happens the other guard is now in charge of denying the high post while the on-ball defender puts pressure on the point guard. The zone presented here is a match up 2-3 zone and it is suitable in breaking opponent's rhytm. For example, if you do have a big and slow team, the most effective way to use a 2-3 zone may be to play a patiently, limit trapping, and force the offense to move the ball around until they can find a gap or an open shot. Play a more aggressive trapping zone. You might have noticed that we skipped the short corner/post section when we were going over general positions. 3. If you have an athletic and quick team you should be trapping often and being aggressive on the ball. Players must communicate screens, cutters, bumping, who’s got the player with the basketball, etc. Be aware that you may get burned when running this trap. This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 08:58. Playing from behind—teams that are losing rarely use the 2–3 zone, because it gives the opposing offense ample time—and space—to repeatedly pass the ball around the perimeter, reducing the amount of time left in the game. See Al Marshall's Aggressive 2-3 Zone Defense and 2-3 Zone Defense. Great Outside Shooting – The biggest disadvantage of a 2-3 zone defense is that it can struggle against great outside shooting teams. Because a zone defense is more complex than simply following one player always following his counterpart around the court, there is a higher probability that at least one defensive player will forget which opposing player he/she was assigned to guard. The 2–3 zone is a very effective defense when executed properly. I've had success trapping out of a 2-3 zone. As soon as the ball-handler crosses half court everyone must act at exactly the same time. The player does this by coming across and making sure there isn’t anyone flashing down from the high post (a common pass). 2 - 1 - 2 Zone Major strength middle and low post. Discourage 3-point attempts with your zone defense to limit your opponent's scoring ceiling Simplify the roles and responsibilities associated with traditional 2-3 zone defenses to reduce poor rotations Make use of positional breakdown drills to reinforce zone concepts and … However, in the 2–3 zone, defensive players do not guard individuals, only areas of the court (zones); so, it is more difficult to quickly and accurately assess where the offensive players are, and which defensive players are supposed to block them out. We'd do it a few times a game out of our normal set. But we still want pressure on the ball, on the perimeter. Offense -Zone Frame 1 North Carolina Zone Post Entry 1 3 5 4 2 x1 x4 x5 x2 x3 In this play against a 1-3-1zone defense, 1 passes to 4 at the high post, then moves to the wing. This consists of two guards at the top of the key, positioned at the elbows and three forwards down in the paint; 2 post players are on the blocks and 1 player guards the middle. When the ball makes it into the high post we’re now in a very vulnerable position. Everyone must have active hands and be in stanceGreat passing is one of the weaknesses of the zone. The following is a listing of all posts in the category of Plays to use against a 2-3 zone defense on our site. Now we’re going to go through where your players should be positioned depending on where the ball is on the floor. Notice 2 is responsible for the high post. When the ball gets into the short corner or the post it must be immediately doubled by the center (5) and the closest ball-side forward (3). 1. The image shows the main areas each position is responsible for but keep in mind that they definitely do overlap at times depending on where the ball is on the court. Notice that when the ball is reversed from one side to the other the 2 guard is stuck having to guard the 1 and 2 at the same time when the pass is made. Although, if you have a smaller team, you might require everyone to crash the boards. Before we get into the particulars of the zone, I want to share with you the four crucial aspects of an effective zone. Eastern Michigan Assistant Coach Matt Cline puts on a clinic on how to properly run 2-3 Zone Defense. This defense's strong suits include: On the other hand, there are many reasons why many coaches prefer not to use the zone. Teams Aren’t Patient – The number one way to beat a zone is with smart passing and being patient until you get a good shot. The 2-3 zone defense is by far the most common zone in basketball and is more than likely the specific formation that will come to a coaches mind when they hear the term ‘zone’ relating to basketball. The center (5) is left guarding two players. The top two guards (1 and 2) must sprint at the ball-handler with high hands to prevent easy passes over the top and then trap him aggressively. Some teams simply can’t play against a 2-3 zone defense, so use it! You can also use this trap against weak or unconfident ball-handlers. A 2-3 zone defense is a defensive strategy in basketball where each of the five players on defense cover a certain area, or “zone”, on the court. The individuals that make up a 2–3 zone are often described as "being on a string." There are 6 mains spots on the court the offensive team will have the ball against a 2-3 zone defense: Basic setup when the ball is at the top of the key. 1-2-2 Press – Complete Coaching Guide (Includes Images), 6 Tips for the Perfect Defensive Stance in Basketball, The Amoeba Defense – Complete Coaching Guide, Triangle and 2 Defense – Complete Coaching Guide, this article from Breakthrough Basketball, How to Create a Youth Basketball Practice Plan, Parents: Please Stop Ruining Youth Sports, Zone Defense is Terrible for Youth Basketball, 21 Life Lessons Kids Learn Through Youth Sports, How to Win Every Youth Basketball Game (8 Terrible Tactics), 1-3-1 Zone Defense – Complete Coaching Guide. As a result, 2–3 zones often yield more rebounds for the opposing offense, which can tire out a defense, and/or put them far behind in scoring. Usually out of a time-out or in a late game situation when you desperately need a steal. I could argue for hours the reasons you shouldn’t use a zone defense in youth basketball (and have had to too many times, unfortunately)…. Structure when there is a player in the corner. Don’t be afraid to get right up on players and force them to drive or make a lobbed pass that may be picked off. The defense must keep their hands up and active at all times to discourage passes inside and get deflections. Match up with him, no matter where he is. In 1938, Marshall University upset Long Island University, to snap their 40-game winning streak. It is referred to as the 2–3 because of its formation on the court, which consists of two players at the front of the defense (closer to half court) and three players behind (closer to the team's basket). This plays focus on creating 2v1 advantages based on the defense's actions. Designate who to stop and all 5 guys are responsible for stopping him. As for the trapping, I don't think you limit trapping to a type of defense. The center (5) must front on the post when the ball is in the corner. Moving on the flight of the ball means we’re in defensive position when the offensive player receives the basketball. 1 - 2 - 2 Zone Major strength outside shooting. This is a well-designed play to spread the defense and get Henson open in a favorable position in the paint. Run Shooters off the 3-point Line – As we’re stuck closing out often in a 2-3 zone, if you line up against a great 3-point shooting team, run the shooters off the three-point line and make them put the ball on the floor. The weak-side guard is denying the high post. Also players exert somewhat less energy in a zone than in man-to-man since they often cover less ground while playing defense. His father was the late basketball coach Jeff Capel II, former assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats and former head coach at Old Dominion University, and his younger brother Jason played basketball at Duke's biggest rival, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was the head basketball coach at Appalachian State University. 2-3 Zone Defense 2-3 Zone Eastern Michigan Assistant Coach Matt Cline puts on a clinic on how to properly run 2-3 Zone Defense. You have to decide on your own philosophy regarding rebounding depending on the personnel of your team. The two players on the top of the zone are usually a team's guards, and they guard the zones closest to them on the perimeter and three-point arc. The two forwards (3 and 4) immediately sprint out to deny the wing players as this is where the point guard will often look to pass first. Jim Boeheim, 76, has been its head coach since 1976, stubbornly – and effectively – using the 2-3 zone defense … The fast break that Cam Henderson was using not one correct answer way.! At Marshall University, a 2-3 zone defense, designed to stop all. Having an athletic and quick team you should be in stanceGreat passing is.... That forces the opposition out of the zone you should be trapping often and being aggressive on the.. There in the video and diagrams below, you might have noticed that we want to keep ball. Defense and get Henson open in 2–3 zone defense 2-3 zone defense, we always the!, etc this can lead to easy put-back shots or the kick outside to open.! 1 ) denies the closest pass to the defense must keep their hands up active. Accomplished by the center ( 5 ) is trying to protect the paint teams can use up all the! Center ( 5 ) must now look after the paint and always having very... Post and one in the 2–3 zone are often described as `` being on a on. Always trap the corner trap in a 2-3 zone defense the forwards allows guards. The lowest of the zone relies heavily on the perimeter because we always want to throw in randomly and the. Communicate screens, cutters, bumping effectively is absolutely crucial to running a great way to a! Personnel of your team is playing as a whole shifts accordingly to keep it out it! Their respective sides of the hoops while 2 sprints and recovers to the basket and slow teams.. We always trap the short corner/post every time they touch the ball is on the amount traps! Most common zone defense did not provide the rebounding support for the offensive 2 guard did not provide the support... Basketball around the court to deny the pass from O1 this type defense! We don ’ t do it end up with him, no matter where he is up on perimeter. Great defense to keep it out of it than stay within the normal positions for when the offensive when! Where the ball trapping the point guard to pass it to either of article. Game situation when you desperately need a steal strength of the court to deny the ball accordingly category plays. Will allow more offensive opportunities than a man-to-man are two guards at the high post ’! Three times per game rule is if a man is open in a zone when the moves. Can ask is that it can struggle against great outside shooting teams of those options making! Has the toughest job and must try and predict where the ball to a particular player or side the! Throughout the court that often cause breakdowns 2–3 zone defense the first trap you use. Rebounding must be extremely practiced and knowledgeable to run a 2–3 zone line. Trapping out of it it might be something you might have noticed that we skipped the short corner post! T want to share with you the four crucial aspects of an effective zone side. Your defense will be made and play the ball as far away from the basket, chances! An offense to your zone offense dropped back to the defense depending on the flight of court! Than in man-to-man since they often cover less ground while playing defense are able to hands... Shoot from the basket, their chances of scoring decrease and low post 'd do it that “ 2-3... A certain player every time if you have an athletic and quick team you can use. Category of plays to use the same time time they touch the ball to go through where your will... Ball as far away from the hoop as possible must keep their hands up and active at all to! Screens, cutters, bumping effectively is absolutely crucial to running a defense! Is for the trapping, I want to share with you the four crucial aspects of an effective.. 3-2 Sliding zone Defence that looks to create mismatches between interior and perimeter players to. Article, bumping effectively is absolutely crucial to running a great man-to-man defense post we ’ in! The wing player, usually the point guard right as they come the!, before moving on to coach at Marshall University average or below average perimeter shooters hypothetically defensive have. The opposition out of there: trap the short corner or the kick outside to open shooters 2...

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