i'm scared of roaches

I have had one run up my arm, fall in my hair, sit on my shoulder, fly in my face…I can pick snakes up bare handed and spiders don’t bother me in the least- even the poisonous ones. So i'm a guy if that helps but I am really afraid of cockroaches!! I was with my girlfriend (now ex) and my dad at that time, so imagine the embarrassment that I had. My greatest fear is cockroaches and I've heard they are a terrible problem for chicken owners? The cockroach started to fly and entered my mouth and so I was choking and my mom had entered my room and saw me choking so she was giving me back-blows until the roach finally came out and it started flying until it landed on the wall and my mom killed it. These are disgusting and I personally avoid hot countries. Been trying for ages to find something to help. I’m a 42 year old man, fearless of pretty much any bugs. They will come back after you. I just got up to go to the bathroom and as soon as I flipped on the light there was a monstrous cockroach on my facial soap! My fear of cockroaches is killing me When i was a kid, i had a traumatic experience with cockroaches (they crawled into my bunk bed when i was on a regional train), and im not sure if this fear is caused by it, but that experience didnt help. I am afraid to be in the house. It hasn’t even been seven days into summer and the first live one I’ve seen since last year has come to say the season’s greetings. I grew up in Florida and as a kiddo if I saw one in the house -would wake my parents or stay up all night I’m supposedly one of those people who are known for “being made of steel” among those who know me and I fear nothing and no one, even when I should, and just last night, I, a 27-year-old “toughie” (weighing 80 kilos) had to call my mother to stop by my apartment to pick up the body of the intruder I’d killed earlier (just a 12cm-long tiny bug with no parts to bite or poison me) using sprays (yes from some 3 meters away)! How you feel towards cockroaches (or anything else in general) is unconsciously taught to you by: How they react or feel about it can be translated over to you as a child. I have over sprayed, over moteled, over boric acided, cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol (my secret for spot killing fleas after bringing the dogs in – they hate it), but I am afraid to go back into the kitchen (for a week now). Vote A. I am phobic to those unnamed insects. I wouldn’t. Get them in south and central texas…. The only other place I remember NOT seeing roaches for many trips there was in the CZECH Rep (Prague, Karlovy Vary..) I’m sure they have the german ones but it’s nothing like Manhattan, where two ex girlfiends saw me scream and run like a little hysterical child. Uh, nope. I cried and in this time, the cockroach went away, making my problem worse. Wow, i know how you feel, if i were you… i would move to another state!! I’m 15 years old and I HATE cockroaches (the big ones that fly). So I was about to try and jump over it AND I PHYSICALLY COULDNT. I have to fumigate my house inside and outside every month. Our ancestors have learned to fear the unknown, as this was a potential danger to their life. I can’t sleep. Texas and the Texas Terrorist. This information was gathered by the National Health Service and Dr. Ananya Mandal, a Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics medical doctor. The little ones just give me the creeps. Now at 40, life is better since I moved to Canada. But, really, after reading this post , I think the only lasting solution is to rewire my brain through therapy or such. But the one thing that I can’t handle other than large open or public spaces are those little demons from hell;more evil than the devil himself. roaches can move up to speeds of 3 miles per hour. My dad left for work already and I can’t even fathom trying to kill it. You may have terrifying fantasies about what might happen when you’re around a cockroach. I was pretty excited about this and was settling in, until Saturday night when I was heading out I had one of “them” greet me on my kitchen counter. Even our bodies are just huge collections of all kinds of microbs. I dont know if its a phobia or what but roaches really do scare the hell out of me. I know, I should have smushed him, but I cant stand the crunch! I am lucky my family understands my fears and not to disrespect them. The following is a short, general list of things you can do to help yourself not be scared of cockroaches: To determine treatments for katsaridaphobia, you don’t necessarily have to visit a doctor’s office. She literally pushes them with her leg when she sees them instead of killing them when I ask her to. That’s why those with particularly bad cases of katsaridaphobia may seek treatment. My mom literally catches them with her bare hands and toss them out of the house. Well. I really hate roaches, but I don’t want my family to think I’m a wimp. Our house is being renovated and there’s stuff everywhere meaning cockroaches are all over the place! I honestly don’t know if I can get over my fear. Sorry for making this really long I just hope someone will understand. That was not the only time I’ve found a roach, I’ve found several around the house already and it feels like I’m the only one that sees them. Fearing cockroaches can also stem from their general anatomy as well. These steps might work. I get paranoid and im get freaked out when I see something dark in my room or anywhere. They just wander in from outside or from the damp basements. So I understand everything that you and other posters are going through. I definitely have a severe case of the phobia. That’s why I always try to take a bath in daylight or right after someone; I wasn’t able to shower one night because no one was up to get the efer off the wall. And I’m about to spray it but my dad is like “no no no that’s enough, it’s going to die just wait.” My immediate reaction is to spray it until it dies because I need to make sure the little monster is DEAD. I chose Denver, Colorado because they have an incredibly small # of these beasts here. If I saw one in my house, I would have to leave. I know its a basement and thats where they dwell but after seeing 1 MONSTER roach in our storage area I gave up the spot and won’t go back. I mostly hate them because they come out of nowhere! I could definitely agree. This is the biochemical viewpoint. It’s especially scary, because it usually appears at around 2 or 3 am when I’m asleep but wake up because I have to go to the bathroom to urinate. My friend smacked it with a broom 6 times but it was just stunned. I find that a flyswatter kills the big ones the best – if you can get close enough. I feel your pain. I’ve been sleeping on the couch, for weeks now.. And yet it’s still really hard to fall asleep. And I see it and I’m like “there, it’s there!” And I spray it and it goes flailing onto the stove to die. Can’t get over my courtyard from house to garage at night. I’m really just gonna move back at this point. I literally was shaking, and every itch made me paranoid. I find it difficult to open my letter box because the Australian native cockroach likes to nestle in my mail. Just today when I went to feed the birds, when I opended the door there was about 4 roaches in the crack! I ran to get windex, but it was too late as the beast disappeared. So she left and got roach spray. I am thinking of getting professional help. I don’t feel safe in my own home. Thank god my mom and sisters are more than willing to kill them for me when I see them. I am disgusted. Like most people on this forum, I’ve never been afraid of spiders, snakes, even most other insects. Believe I’ve read somewhere that the aversion to cockroaches is pretty much confined to Western civilization (maybe even primarily Americans.) Hey, fun fact: if you squish a cockroach with your shoe, it’s eggs get stuck to it and they spread everywhere you walk. I can’t believe that one or two dead roaches every month or so have the power to screw me up that much. Of course, not all clinical practices have incorporated virtual reality into their toolbox. I’m not bothered by spiders or snakes or scorpions but cockroaches scare the hell out of me. I love all animals- I most love mammals and sharks ….but I live peaceably around spiders and do not wish to harm any living thing except… But not everyone has a cockroach phobia. Posted by 4 months ago. I hate the big roaches which can fly. Instead, your phobia is a cover-up of possible inappropriate thoughts and feelings towards something else. Comment Report abuse. And by the age of 12 i already knew what trauma caused it. I’ll give you a good guess as to what kind of bug it was. However, this last time, instead of going away, the roach came right to the door like a human would to see who was there and it freaked me out, although I was too asleep to make a noise or really react immediately. I like insects for the most part. I am 10 years old and I live where there is a bunch of trees. For example, maybe your community is very outspoken about their feelings toward cockroaches. Additionally, the phobic might experience following physical symptoms upon sighting a cockroach: Katsaridaphobia can sometimes get out of hand or outright dangerous when the phobic runs or darts out on the road into the traffic or tries to brush away the cockroach when driving etc which can lead to serious accidents. There is something untrue in this article- they DO have a dangerous threat: they are suspected to cause or exacerbate asthma; I suffer from asthma and nearly died from such severe asthma attacks on several occasions. Therapy by touching a dead roach? For some reason I am petrified of them. Not even 30min ago one was in my cup and I usually look inside all my cups before taking a drink but I was so tired I just didn’t. OMG, that breaks my heart. Just now I opened the cupboard to get a mug and saw a roach (or maybe 2) crawling away. My living room consist of a sofa, a lamp a decently sized table thing for the tv with space for books and that’s it. There are lots that are beautiful and colorful. I’m 16 and these bugs give me absolute anxiety, I hate them and everytime I see one I freeze up, then scream and tell my brother to kill it for me. Like a decade ago I rented my first apartment. One roach fell out of the cage and it brought another wave of tears over me. I just can’t get myself to kill them. Which doesn’t work. YES, I can totally relate. These creepy-sauce American cockroaches are the absolute BANE of my existence. I literally can’t with roaches, they scare the living crap out of me and my family. And she locked me in a bathroom FULL of the creatures and left me there as punishment. This specific point of view is similar to the behavioral viewpoint, in that you can learn a phobia from others. I opened the walk-in closet to get some laundry detergent and a HUGE one, pretty much looking down at me, waving it’s antenna at me like I should just be ‘cool’ with his presence there. I can’t stand them! :cry:megagene Haha I saw your thread. Just today I was at my gfs house and we both saw it and I yelled louder than she did. There’s this giant roach that occasionally is in my bathroom. I obsess about cleaning, taking out the trash, eating carefully so I don’t spill anything and washing the dishes almost instantly after using them. Yes! I am lucky because I have never seen any in England where I’ve been living for two years now so it does not cause me any problems at all. It only occurred to me this week that I probably have some kind of phobia. They dont do anything, but they scare the living hell out of me. It's a cockroach! I’ll freak out at leafs blowing down the road in the wind. People think I’m joking when I tell them, but it’s been 7 years since I left and I am still shuddering as I type this. My cousin came in and asked what was wrong and I could hardly get the words out telling her there was a roach. My dad was an evil man for various reasons, and he loved to freak me out by acting as if he was going to throw a roach on me. If I could move to Alaska, I would just to get AWAY from these things. They can walk fast, hop, fly, climb up walls, etc. And i don’t know why. I have severe anxiety and roaches make me absolutely flip my shit. My big, manly neighbor hid in his upstair while they removed a bee colony (bee guy just digging it out, throwing on a tarp). Few things are worse than one careening towards your face as you try to smash it.…, When suddenly faced with a cockroach, your first instinct may be to step on it. Welcome to my world. I cried i shook and everything and my mom finally invited me to sleep in her room and i did NOT disregard the invitation. The roaches in the picture above do not scare me. However, some people are hesitant because of urban myths. When I lived with my parents, I would run away from the cockroach until my dad could come and kill it. Being scared of cockroaches is quite common. Re: I'm scared of cockroaches You have to find the pockets that the roaches are living in, then use bait (apply in small dabs) near those areas. Do keep in mind that the design of the app is to have endless virtual cockroaches crawl around. I don’t know why it bothers her so much, but she just thinks it’s so stupid to be afraid of small things. Up until yesterday, I felt fairly comfortable during the day, as they normally dont show themselves until dark. I didn’t see the HDMI option pop up on the screen so I checked the switch dock to see if there was anything wrong. Its pretty embarrassing, as the first thing I do when I see one is panic and bolt to the highest or farthest place from the roach. To let you know how much I am vulnerable in this case, I will tell you a recent story. If I see a roach I’m on edge for like a week. One time I came into my room and saw a cockroach on my wall. These can help you clear your head and prevent yourself from aggravating your own anxiety towards cockroaches. Frightened, I jumped back and hit my head on the sink. 13 years ago. I hate them so much, i don’t understand why would anyone would want to loose fear of being near one… i don’t want to be cured… they are disgusting and should be terminated by someone other than myself. Have u received and good responses and/or new advice? Tonight I have had a nest of them spring out just as I was opening the cupboards. As I was writing this I just saw a little cockroach in the spare room, now I have no idea where to sleep, I feel like I want to cry. I ended up calling my mom over to my room to come kill it which upset her husband but like, shut up, if I could kill it I would, but you wouldn’t jump off a cliff if you thought you were going to be alright would you? But I’m still half asleep so I’m not in a state to shout. I hate them so much and like yesterday night one climbed my room door and i saw it and it took so much for me to run and get a broom. When i was under the age of 4, i would watch that TV show “alf” and one day my dad scared the crap out of me while watching it. I moved the dogs water bowl to my bedroom. I am female – but also fearless. Gross! I think I overkilled last night. I hate roaches with every single cell in my body! But there were these two mate cockroaches but i accidentally killed its mate i think it was the female cause its bigger. Flyswatter is the best killer . All I can do is run when I see one. I know people find it annoying when someone “overreacts” to insects but I always apologize right before and remind them I cannot control these reactions. I’m terrified. My parents laugh at me and tell me to get over it and that I’m overreacting and it’s so annoying that they don’t understand my phobia. The roach was gone, it probably ran away somewhere. I see it wiggling it’s long disgusting antennas at me and It makes me want to vomit. I’m 24 btw :P. It gets better, I kill them from a distance If possible with a spray. I have to check on my own body about once every hour because I once woke up with one on my neck. I was shivering after the ordeal. She’s afraid of them too but she was the only one around to kill it.when she came in there IT WAS GONE. I’m also intensely scared of butterflies and just flying bugs in general. I am glad to know that this is an actual phobia. I do not want to be like this, but honestly it’s out of my control. You don’t have to feel like you are alone. Freaks me out. Being scared of flying cockroaches may also be attributed to that basic fear. Id shoot it before stepping on it. Although this couldn’t contribute to my fear – I only learned this a few years ago and my fear runs back to early childhood. . I do not know what should I do. I forgot to put my makeup away. While i was typing this i went to get water and one flew out of the air vent and onto the counter, i hate them so much! People also have different brain chemistry, which can be unique to an individual, much like we have different personality traits. Just hearing the name makes me get chills down my back. First month was fine until I was using the restroom and I looked down to see a huge roach dead on the floor, this was my first time seeing anything that horrifyingly big. James. During late spring after school I returned home with my mom then when I went into my room, what I saw on my bed, was a massive cockroach, I screamed so loud I think the neighbors heard me from 3 doors away. This is one I do not want to “overcome.” I just NEVER want to have to encounter it, no way, no how, ever, ever, did I say, no way? I have extreme phobia for large roaches, they are so creepy that when I see one I shiver and this will affect me to a point that if something touches me I scream… the other day I could not sleep when I suddenly woke up and found a BIG roach crawling over my net! I once ran out of the shower with only my towel and cried in my room when I saw one crawling towards me. I was absolutely terrified. I would have never known! As I’m writing this I just tried to kill one, but it got away. roaches live in winter so good ig. After seeing a dead roach, I pack and go to my boyfriend’s place for a couple of days.

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