The Preferred Cancer Diet

The Preferred Diet with Budwig Custard

The purpose of this diet is to maintain the system oxygenated and alkalized.  This is now a way of life for your dog and yourself.  Your dog will now eat a daily custard containing massive doses of Omega-3, organic vegetables, organic fruits and organic chicken, flavored with anti-inflammatory spices.

A word about “organic.”  While there are no increases in nutritional value of any organic product, there are vast differences in its content of chemicals, carcinogens and processes of preservation, found in all mass marketed food products.   Your dog’s immune system is now in distress and couple that with its inherently fast metabolism; the introduction of any “non bio-identical” product will cause harm.

As all processed foods and all chemical based drugs are acidic in nature, the presence of such elements, encourages cancerous growth and metastasis. It also counters the entire alkalizing effect of this diet.

Some Simple Rules of Life for You and Your Dog

  • You must remove all grains and all sugars, as these are acidic in nature and this will deprive the disease of fuel to thrive.
  • Carbohydrates should only be from a vegetable or fruit source (organic).
  • No commercial food of any type.
  • No injections of any of drug, no matter the purpose.
  • Organic chicken meat (preferably dark meat) may be raw or baked.
  • Vegetables and fruit should be organic and raw.
  • Organic Flax Oil (we use Barleans) should be Lingen Free, Unfiltered, Unprocessed and Organic.
  • Organic Cottage Cheese is full fat and if possible made from raw milk (do not use Low Fat or Non Fat, as it has a greater percentage of sugar),
  • No processed sugars of any type; sugar derived from eating fresh fruit is okay,
  • All organic fruits are acceptable; dried fruits must Not contain sulfides or other preservatives.

The Budwig Protocol

The protocol transforms Flax Oil into a water soluble food, so that high doses of Omega’s are readily absorbable at the cellular level. Oil is made water soluble through the intervention of a protein (cottage cheese).

We opted for Mega Doses of Flax Oil.  Cara Mia is 100 pounds and we giver her 4 tablespoon of Barleans Flax Oil.  This contains: 30,800mg Omega-3; 8,900mg Omega-6; 10,080mg Omega-9.  You must determine the maximum dosage your dog can accept. Over-dosing will result in vomiting and loose stools. More is better.

Please see the Blog Roll for links of Youtube explanations on how to prepare the Budwig Protocol.  You may include curry, turmeric, black seeds or raw organic honey (1/2 tsp).

Main Content of Diet

As an example, we prepare: a mélange of chopped, fresh and organic broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage, apples, pears, fresh ginger, turmeric (1 tsp), fresh garlic (1/2 tsp max.) –  all organic.  Almost all vegetables and fruits are acceptable (be aware of the usual prohibitions: onions, avocado, tomatoes, grapes, raisins, etc.) and do add some sea salt crystals for flavor.

Organic spirulina should be incorporated in the meal.  Spirulina is a complete whole super-food and provides digestive support with its high levels of chlorophyll.  It contains a full spectrum of highly absorbable carotenoids (the B vitamins), essential for this time in fighting metastasis.  Organic spirulina is best given in powdered form. Begin with 1/2 teaspoon in the food; we feed Cara Mia 1 teaspoon in her main meal.

In addition, some raw organic chicken is included, preferably the drumstick to add bone marrow, protein and enjoyment.  Dogs can eat raw chicken bones, but not cooked bones. If you wish to use cooked foods, then bake or boil chicken, with some salt and anti-inflammatory spices such as curry, cayenne or turmeric (no cooked bones)  The correct mix is 80% vegetables/fruit and 20% raw organic meat.

While Cara Mia does have a main meal in the late afternoon, as described above, it is important to consistently have some type of anti-inflammatory or protein based food in the system during the day.  Cara Mia enjoys sardines (packed in olive oil and excelllent Omega-3 and protein), she may occasionally be offered a raw egg and she is given plenty of her cookies (Please See the “Cookies” tab above).  Be sensitive of any fish (due to mercury levels in almost all popular fish, both wild caught and farm raised), be judging of any meat that is not Organic (due to high contaminants in non-organic). Try to find water that is high in pH at least a 9 (Kangen Water as an example), it is pure and the high alkalinity helps in fighting the cancerous disease.

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