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Now that you have arrived at this page, we assume your canine has cancer, or you know of a dog that is temporarily afflicted with cancer. Firstly, know that “cancer” is not a death sentence and most cancers may be cured entirely.  No doubt this statement must take into account the degree, severity and early detection considerations, of your dog’s particular circumstances.

Secondly, one must recognize that your dog’s system is that of a mammal, such as we, and operates, at least on a physiological basis, in a manner very similar to humans.  They do get colds, arthritis, renal diseases and of course cancers.  There are distinctions to be sure, including a faster metabolism and specific canine-related diseases.  But when approaching cancer, the immutable laws of cancer remain the same, human or dog.

This site relates information on an on-going therapy to cure canine adenocarcinoma in an 11 year old German Shepard dog.

It is our belief that cancer can be cured using specific protocols that do not involve surgery or chemotherapy.  Our belief is based on the work of Nobel Prize Winners Dr’s. Warburg and Meyerhof.  They determined that cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated or alkaline environment.

This web site introduces the Protocols used to reduce tumor size and stop metastases of the disease, employing techniques to oxygenate cells and alkalinize the body.

We have provided some links to the right, which will bring you to more sites revealing additional data concerning both the protocols described in this site and its applications.

Your are invited to peruse the various pages of this site and please do read the Care Mia Story; we hope it will inspire, help, and comfort you.

Welcome again, to Cara Mia Protocols.

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  1. Thank You! I followed your plan and our Maxie is also now Cancer Free! God Bless you and Cara Mia. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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